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Two Tank Dive

Destination Individual Group
Muscallonge, Brockville wall dive, Robert Gaskin, Mahogany launch, Two unidentified hulls, Unidentified motor vessel, Narrow's current "rush", MacDonald's Point, John B. King, Lillie Parsons, Needle's Eye, Sam Cooke, 3 Molly's Gut wrecks, Henry C. Daryaw $80 $800
Eel City, Indian Chief Island and Shoal, Americana, Keystorm $90 $980

Additional Dives

Destination Individual Group
Applies to any wreck listed above $20 $160




Weekend Packages

Destination your choice

We feature weekend Dive Packages starting on
Friday evening

All plans can be personnalized

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Note: All prices are in Canadian (CDN) currency and are subject to change.



The Yasmine

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